Principally I specialise in producing quality beauty, boudoir and glamour images, sometimes working to a specific theme, for:-

  • Model Portfolios
  • Calendars
  • Poster Style Photographs
  • (Pre-)Wedding, Valentine, Christmas or birthday gifts
  • Personal memories

Whether you require photographs for:

  • creating or expanding a portfolio
  • a very special and unique (pre-)wedding, valentine, birthday or Christmas gift for your partner
  • recording how good you look at a particular time of your life (which is a once only offer – you’ll never be the same age again!) ……

Please note that I have a strictly over 18’s only model photography policy and proof of age may be required.

I hope you will find my friendly, individually tailored, quality service will have something to offer. I am also happy to consider any reasonable request for any other genre of photography that you may require. Please contact me with any initial enquiries via any of the email facilities outlined on the Contact Me page.


The essential information but slightly tedious bit:

Please take particular note of the following.  I appreciate that there is a fair amount to read and I apologise in advance for this, however, there is a lot of key information which may answer many of your possible questions without having to ask them specifically by email.  Please also excuse some of the points made in respect of my pet hates in the industry, as I’m sure they will not apply to the majority of people reading them, however, they have been included for completeness and in an attempt to avoid any possible misunderstandings or unnecessary upset:


Paid Commissions (Ultimate Images being paid)

Due to the nature of the service provided and the wide variety of possible model/client requirements, it is not possible to publish a standard “price list”.  An individually tailored service requires an individually tailored price and hence a quotation will be provided once your clear requirements are understood and agreed.

However, as a general guide only my basic hourly rate (excluding studio, make-up artist, travelling, special props and expenses) is £25 per hour.  This buys you my skill, knowledge and over twenty years experience as a photographer, along with my equipment.  It also covers my time pre shoot extracting the brief and planning the shoot (which in themselves can take longer than the shoot itself!). Post shoot editing is extra depending upon the extent of work involved and the number of images required.

Hire of locations, studios, make-up artists/hair stylists, specific props or costumes (if not already in my vast collection), travelling and other shoot specific expenses are to be reimbursed by the model/client at cost.

Due to the unfortunately high incidence of late cancellations or no-shows associated with model photography, particularly through social media, a non-refundable deposit may be required to cover shoot specific expenses if we have never worked together previously.  If the shoot proceeds as planned, any amount paid will be deducted from the final bill.


When time allows, I sometimes offer shoots on a TFP, TFCD or TFT (Time for Time – you help me with my shots and I’ll shoot yours for you) basis with models who I think will provide the level of results I seek, so if you think we could work together to our mutual benefit, please feel free to get in touch with any ideas, suggestions or examples of the kind of images you seek. I totally respect that any TF.. arrangement should benefit both model and photographer, not just one party.

I do have the benefit of my own personal small but well equipped studio, purpose built to the rear of my house, hence within reason my personal studio time and cost is not an issue, allowing us to shoot in a relaxed atmosphere and fashion whilst spending the time to try to obtain good quality images.  However, the studio is not large and so chaperones cannot generally be catered for in the space available – sorry but this does mean that any models that arrive with chaperones without prior agreement, who expect to be present throughout the shoot, will unfortunately have to be turned away.  If you are in any way unsure due to my no-chaperones in my studio policy, please refer to my references on Purpleport and Purestorm and if you are still wary, I am probably not the photographer for you.

When circumstances and the photographs demand, I have ready access to one of the larger commercial studios in the area which I use frequently, but as a commercial studio hire fees do generally apply.

Due to demand and time constraints, I simply can’t accept every TFCD request I receive, so please do not be offended if I can’t fit you in for a short while, or if I don’t think you are quite right for any ideas I am currently working on.  I do get a fair few requests and I will always try to answer every email.

Fee Paying Model Shoots (Ultimate Images paying models)

Generally, I will contact any models I consider suitable for projects I am working on that can’t be satisfied by a collaborative arrangement.

Unfortunately, whilst I am generally fairly relaxed and easy going, there are a couple of points that I should like to highlight that can make me feel uncomfortable and cause me concern:

1.  I am not comfortable haggling and so rarely do it.  Consequently, if a model is asked to quote her all-in fee for a shoot and offers a price, I generally simply take or leave it. Please note that I do take it quite personally if somebody tries to charge me a rate that is well in excess of either the going rate or what they would charge one of their regular customers.  The chances are such a model would receive no future contact from me.

As a rough guide (and it is a rough guide only!), I can genuinely shoot very experienced quality models to nude level for half day rates of £100.  I fully appreciate this is a 4 hour shoot rate and hence is discounted accordingly.  However, by way of illustration of my pet hate, I have received unsolicited shoot requests from models who state they require up to £60 per hour for a 3 – 4 hour shoot (which is often my norm) and when their “offers” are rejected, the price halves – sorry, too late ….. they would gladly have taken excessive fees off me and will never feature on any of my shoots.  Sorry for the apparent rant on this subject but it is a point that I feel is worthy of making clearly to avoid any unnecessary mistakes.

2.  Please note that I also consider that if I have paid a model her requested fee for a shoot, the model has no automatic right whatsoever to use any of the images produced.  Image use licences may be available to be purchased from me and occasionally I may, upon request from the model, give specific permission to use an image for an agreed purpose – however such permission must be gained in advance of any attempted use or you are in breach of copyright (see below) and, particularly if any image has been the subject of a payment for publication, you run a risk of being sued for damages.

3.  Copyright and Model Releases: Some confusion seems to exist in the area of copyright (basically who owns the images and has the right to use them) and so for clarity:

In law, I (Ultimate Images) own the copyright to any image taken by me irrespective of any TF… or fee paying arrangement.  Licence to use images can and must be granted by the copyright holder (Ultimate Images).

A signed model release, to clearly set out our agreement and use of any images, will generally be required whether the arrangement is a paid shoot or TFCD.  A draft copy is available upon request prior to any shoot being confirmed.  Model releases are possibly more for the model’s benefit than the photographer’s (as the photographer owns the copyright by default), so please don’t try to charge me extra for signing a model release – I probably don’t need it anyway and you will lose any chance of me giving you permission to potentially use any of the images from the shoot.


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