Ultimate Images is the operating name of my photography service, specializing in portfolio images for experienced or aspiring models and individually tailored beauty, boudoir and glamour images, for clients looking for a special memento, gift or life experience.

I am an experienced part time semi-pro/published photographer with a well equipped small studio in Great Barr, Birmingham and ready access to a number of large commercial studios in the local area, should the shoot dictate.

Whilst, I make no secret of the fact that I am not a full time professional photographer, I have been shooting models, family portraits, pet portraits, sports and assisting two photographer colleagues with their weddings and social photography for many years; with images published in local newspapers, photography magazines, car and motorcycle magazines.

As photography is not my major source of income, my service is not motivated or constrained  by money, but more by the desire to create high quality images, hopefully with a “wow” factor.  This is reflected in the various references and testimonials received to date; and hopefully in the images themselves. Consequently, I believe that models/clients can be assured that they will receive a service driven by quality as opposed to profit and an experience that is friendly, fun and productive – resulting in relaxed and ultimately happy clients.

Hopefully, the images will speak for themselves.




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