About Ultimate Images

A professional, trustworthy, quality photographer, who is also easy going, relaxed and fun ………… not my words but those of the various models and clients I have worked with.

After entering the world of photography some twenty five years ago, I assisted in the running of a photography studio in Walsall, at weekends and evenings; generally helping with lighting, bookings and shooting model tests and portfolios.

Due to pressures of the “day job” and the associated studying, I left the studio and a couple of years later, once the studying was completed, I had a small but well equipped studio constructed to the rear of my property for my exclusive use.  The fully powered, heated and lit studio is equipped with up to ten flash heads; five tungsten lights; a couple of portable video lights; various backdrops; a massive variety of props and a reasonable collection of clothing/outfits.  Also, with the studio being situated at my home address, there is the added advantage for Models/Clients that I can always be contacted/located and never no-show.  Also, when the photographs demand, I have ready access to larger commercial studios, within half an hour travelling time from me.

I make no secret of the fact that I am not a full time professional photographer. Whilst I love photography and creating quality images, my day job is just too well paid to give up.  However, I have been shooting models, family portraits, pet portraits, sports and assisting two photographer colleagues with their weddings and social photography for many years now with my images being published in local newspapers, photography magazines, car and motorcycle magazines

As photography is not my major source of income, my service is not motivated or constrained  by money, but more by the desire to create high quality images, hopefully with a “wow” factor.  This is reflected in the various references and testimonials received to date; and hopefully in the images themselves. Consequently, I believe that models/clients can be assured that they will receive a service driven by quality as opposed to profit and an experience that is friendly, fun and productive – resulting in relaxed and ultimately happy clients.

All potential paid commissions will be considered, but equally so will any genuine offers of collaborative working to the benefit of both parties.  I often undertake my own projects in pursuit of something a bit special for my own portfolio and for obvious reasons I much prefer to do these on a collaborative basis.

My main areas of experience and interest are: beauty, FHM style glamour, boudoir and themed/poster style shots; however, I am keen to continue developing and expanding my skills and portfolio by trying different styles and genres of photography. I have recently tried some slightly more erotic work and fine art-nude, and whilst I would like to increase my stock in these genres, they are by no means my only areas of interest.

I will gladly work TFP, TFCD or TFT (Time for Time – you help me with my shots and I’ll shoot yours for you) with models who I think will provide the level of results I seek, so if you think we could work together to the benefit of both of us, please feel free to get in touch with any ideas or suggestions.  Due to demand and time constraints, I simply can’t accept every TFCD request I receive, so please do not be offended if I can’t fit you in for a short while, or if I don’t think you are quite right for any ideas I am currently working on.  I do get a fair few requests and I will always try to answer every email.



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